Logitech resurrects its classic MX518 gaming mouse

The G MX518 mates the familiar design with modern sensor tech.

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Long-time PC gamers have fond memories of the MX518 for a reason: the 2005-era mouse combined a comfortable shape, convenient buttons and brisk performance at a fairly reasonable price. Even its 2011 replacement was ultimately a spin on a successful formula. If you miss that original design, though, you'll be glad to hear that it's coming back. Logitech has revived the mouse as the G MX518, preserving that egg-like body while giving it 2019-era innards built for modern gamers.

About the only changes to the outside are "updated" materials with a new finish. Inside, it's a different story -- you'll now find the 16,000DPI Hero sensor from Logitech's flagship mice as well as a 32-bit ARM processor that promises a 1ms report rate. Onboard memory, meanwhile, lets you save customized eight-button layouts to the device so you can switch PCs without losing your control bindings.

The G MX518 is available for pre-order at a $60 price, making it a reasonable option whether or not you're nostalgic for '00s-era gaming. About the only complaint is that it's still wired. That makes sense given its roots and the possible effects of going wireless (a battery could weigh it down and ruin the feel), but it's something worth considering when you can get a frugal but cord-free gaming mouse for similar money.

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