Amazon Fire TV no longer needs you to type your WiFi password

Simple setup can get your media player online in a hurry.

There are a number of reasons why it can be laborious to set up a living room media player, not the least of which is WiFi -- you try entering a password with a remote. Those days might be gone if you have one of Amazon's devices, though. It recently released a pair of updates that give its current Fire TV devices the same WiFi simple setup feature you've seen in newer Echo speakers and the Smart Plug. If you've chosen to save WiFi passwords to your Amazon account, your media hub will hop online the moment it detects your network.

While updates are available for devices that are already in the wild, this is primarily meant for people buying new Fire TV hardware directly from Amazon (which pre-assigns your Amazon account). You'll need to own at least one simple setup device on top of that. It still beats punching in a password for every instance, though, and it could make your life easier if you plan to buy multiple Fire TV devices for your home.