Google built a controller for its Stadia gaming service

It's built for streaming and sharing.

Google is backing up its new Stadia game streaming service with some honest-to-goodness hardware -- but not a box. The internet giant has unveiled a gamepad built with Stadia in mind, and it borrows a few cues from its earlier design patent. The wireless gamepad connects over WiFi, not Bluetooth, giving it access to the internet, and makes use of that through its dedicated buttons. You can press a "capture" button to save and share gaming moments, while a Google Assistant button can provide help when you're stuck.

The company didn't share pricing or availability for the gamepad, although a 2019 release alongside Stadia itself seems likely. It's likely to be colorful, at least. Google showed black, white and mint-colored versions of the controller, suggesting that you can pick one that matches other Google gear in your home.