Kaia's motion-tracking workout app remembers which rep you're on

It only needs your phone's camera to track your workout and offer real-time feedback.

Kaia Health caught our attention last year with an app that tracks your motion using your phone's camera in a bid to help you achieve perfect squat form, though we found it didn't quite hit the mark. Still, Kaia is elevating the concept with an updated version called Kaia Personal Trainer. It says the app will track your exercises and reps, create workout plans tailored to you and offer audio feedback in real time.

It doesn't need any equipment other than an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 (an Android version will arrive in the next few months), though you might still opt to use a fitness tracker. Once you get into position around seven feet away from your device, the app's AI uses a 16-point system to compare the way you move to optimal movement, looking at factors including the positions and angles of your limbs and joints. The app will tweak the difficulty level and exercises based on your feedback.

Kaia Personal Trainer is available through the App Store. In the US, there's a seven-day trial, then the app costs $29.99 for three months. For the time being, it's free outside of the US.