Nintendo will let you play 'Tetris 99' offline for $10

Hone your competition skills with "CPU Battle" or play for fun in "Marathon" mode.

Releasing Tetris 99 as a free-to-play Switch game was a canny move by Nintendo, as the popular online-only title motivated users to get a Switch Online membership. Now, Nintendo is introducing a paid component with the new $10 Big Block DLC. You get two new modes: "CPU Battle" lets you play 98 virtual opponents offline, while "Marathon" is just classic line-clearing action. Both are available offline, meaning you'll no longer need Switch Online to play it.

With the original release of Tetris 99 earlier this year, Nintendo brought an exciting hook to the classic game with a Battle Royale mode. It not only lets you fight against 98 opponents, but your success in clearing lines and gaining badges can hasten your rival's defeat. 98 players get whittled down to 50, then 10, leading to the eventual winner.

The offline CPU Battle mode works in much the same way, but against computer opponents rather than live players. That will let you hone your skills before facing off against human players. If you get good enough, Nintendo also announced the Tetris 99 3rd Maximus Cup running from May 17-19 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the game. Participate who earn at least 100 event points will unlock an in-game theme inspired by Nintendo's original Game Boy Tetris version.