Firefox is about to get much, much faster

Eliminating browser clutter will boost speeds by up to 80 percent.

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SOPA Images via Getty Images
SOPA Images via Getty Images

Firefox got speedy last year when its Quantum browser rolled out -- now it's set to get even faster. The latest release rolling out today prioritizes its performance management "to-do" list with a set of features that'll load pages up to 40-80 percent quicker. The browser will now suspend idle tabs, delay lesser-used scripts and skip unnecessary work during start-ups.

The new release also comes with a bunch of new privacy features, including a fingerprinting and cryptomining blocker (turn this feature on via "Content Blocking" in settings), and private browsing personalization. You don't have to manually enter your passwords every time you're in private mode -- registering and saving passwords for a website will work just as it does in normal mode. You'll also be able to decide which add-ons and web extensions to enable (or disable) when you're browsing privately.

Other new features include a fully accessible browser toolbar, which aims to make the web accessible for even more people regardless of their abilities, an AV1 update for smoother video playback and, rolling out gradually over the coming year, a WebRender update, which will make browsing look and feel faster and more efficient. Grab version 67 today to try it all out for yourself.

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