AMC Stubs A-List is now the top movie ticket plan in the US

The less than a year-old platform has already hit the 800,000 subscribers mark.

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Hero Images via Getty Images
Hero Images via Getty Images

AMC's movie ticket subscription service has now hit the 800,000 subscriber mark, the company announced this week. AMC Stubs A-List, which just launched last June, has secured its spot as the number one movie subscription service in North America at a particularly sour time for its competitors. Rival Sinemia shuttered back in April following legal problems. MoviePass, once a success story in the space, fell from a peak of 3 million subscribers to just over 200 thousand in under a year, following rapid changes in pricing and more restrictive caps on movies watched.

Unlike its third-party competitors, AMC Stubs A-List's attachment to the chain of movie theatres has kept it profitable. As Yahoo Finance notes, third-party companies like MoviePass and Sinemia pay the theatres it partners with full retail price for movie tickets. In the case of AMC, they can eat the cost of tickets in exchange for higher sales at its concessions stands.

Still, the glory days of A-List may soon be coming to a close. Bloomberg reports that new member sign-ups have declined to an average of 1,200 per day, compared to the 5,000 daily signups the platform received in its early days. But with summer blockbuster season coming up, the fate of A-List may take a turn for the better.

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