YouTube and AXS sell concert tickets through music videos

You're more likely to find a show you can attend.

YouTube might make it decidedly easier to see your favorite band. The internet giant has forged a deal that offers fast access to concert tickets from AXS, expanding on earlier deals with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite. Watch official music videos from the right artists and you'll see both listings for their US tour dates as well as an option to snap up tickets (both fresh and resales) in short order.

This significantly expands the ticket purchasing options on YouTube. AXS is selling tickets for the likes of Alexisonfire, Bikini Kill, George Clinton and the Rolling Stones, so there's a good possibility that a group you like will be involved in this ticket deal. This still isn't going to help you attend every possible gig, but it hints that there could be a time where most artists are covered.