YouTube and Eventbrite sell concert tickets through music videos

Turn your fandom into a seat at the show.

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Suzanne Cordeiro/AFP/Getty Images
Suzanne Cordeiro/AFP/Getty Images

YouTube is making it easier to translate raw enthusiasm for a band into seeing them play live. The streaming giant has struck up a deal with Eventbrite that will show tour listings right below videos from Official Artist Channels. Tap a "tickets" button on a listing and you'll go directly to Eventbrite to purchase a spot at the show. The experience will be familiar if you've ever used YouTube's Ticketmaster tie-in, but this promises to expand the number of artists -- YouTube covers about 70 percent of American ticketing.

The Eventbrite option is currently available only in the US. YouTube does promise to add more artists and venues to its ticket solution in North America, though, and international expansion is on the cards. The company certainly has a strong incentive -- music videos could be lucrative (at least for artists) beyond simple ad plays. Not that you'll necessarily mind if it lets you know that a favorite musician is coming to town.

Eventbrite tickets on YouTube

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