Ubisoft confirms 'Watch Dogs Legion' will be at E3

'God save the NPCs,' the Watch Dogs Legion account tweeted.

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Ubisoft has confirmed reports about the next entry in its open world hacker franchise. It is entitled Watch Dogs Legion, the developer has confirmed in a tweet that also contains a short teaser showing the game's logo. The company has also alluded to the other details that previously came out, particularly that the game is set in London and will allow you to play as any of the characters you recruit. "God save the NPCs," Ubisoft wrote.

According to an Amazon UK listing that Ubisoft posted before this announcement, you can play as anyone in the game. While the listing is no longer available, it said that the characters you recruit will apparently come with their own animations, voice over and character traits. Kotaku said you can even experience events differently each time simply by using a different character.

Ubisoft promises to officially reveal the game and its details at E3 2019, which will run from June 11th to 13th.

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