'No More Heroes III' pulls Travis into the garden of madness next year

Suda51 strikes again.

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Grasshopper Manufacture
Grasshopper Manufacture

No More Heroes III is heading to Nintendo Switch in 2020, starring charismatic, homicidal nerd Travis Touchdown and, most likely, a lot of hacking and slashing. The first look at the game featured Travis cutting his way through enemies in slick, flying mech suits.

The original No More Heroes hit the Wii in early 2008, and a sequel landed on the same console in 2010. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, a spin-off installment, came to the Switch just this year. Legendarily eccentric video game creator Goichi Suda, known as Suda51, is behind all of the games with his studio Grasshopper Manufacture.

No More Heroes III takes place 10 years after the first game and has Travis return to his hometown of Santa Destroy. "There he encounters a huge artificial metropolis floating in the sea, and a mysterious flying object high above the city," the game's description reads. "What crazy dangerous assassins will he have to face in this strange new world?"

Yep, sounds like a No More Heroes title.

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