EVgo's 'roaming' deals give you access to 450 more fast chargers

ChargePoint, EVgo and EV Connect have reached agreements.

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It can be challenging enough to find electric car charging stations of any kind, let alone to look for one belonging to your charging network of choice. The hunt is about to get considerably easier, though. EVgo has forged agreements with ChargePoint and EV Connect that will let customers of one charging network 'roam' on the chargers of the other. You won't necessarily have to sign up for multiple accounts or face extra fees just to have enough electricity to get home.

While this doesn't mean you can simply ignore the charging network you're using, it does significantly expand your choices for topping up. EVgo said this provides access to more than 450 fast charging stations on top of its own network of 750-plus stations, not to mention over 9,000 total Level 2 stations if you're willing to be patient.

The move makes sense from a practical standpoint. You don't need accounts at gas stations to fill up a conventional car without additional fees, so why should you be punished for charging an EV at the 'wrong' station? It's good business sense, too. While it may lead to customers charging on rival networks, it should also spur EV adoption and lead to greater overall demand for chargers.

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