Google Maps helps you find open EV charging stations in real time

You'll know just where to go to top up.

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William Deshazer / Reuters
William Deshazer / Reuters

From now on, you just have to fire up Google Maps if you need to hunt for an open EV charging station. The latest versions of Google Maps for Android, iOS and the web now show real-time availability for charging ports in the US and UK, giving you a better idea of when to go for a top-up -- you're no longer relegated to static info like before. The feature won't help you find a Tesla Supercharger (you don't really need that given Tesla's app), but it will cover the networks of Chargemaster, EVgo and SemaConnect, with Chargepoint coming soon.

Station info also includes other helpful tidbits such as charging speeds and port types, so you won't risk going to a port that wastes your time. The trickiest bit is simply performing the "ev charging stations" search you'll need to turn up results. Unless you're using Android Auto, you'll want to come to a stop before you look for an available charger.

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