Lexus makes camera and radar safety features standard for 2020 cars

Pre-collision braking and dynamic cruise control are some of the additions.

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You'd think that luxury automakers would load their cars with safety tech by default, but that's not always the case -- it hasn't been for Lexus, anyway. However, the company is making amends for that shortfall. It's making its Safety System+ a standard feature for all its vehicles, starting with the 2020 model year. These camera- and radar-based features aren't particularly new, but some of them have been reserved as options (or for higher-end models) until now.

Pre-collision alerts and braking may be the most practical -- they can slow or even stop the car to avoid crashes, including with pedestrians. You'll also find a lane departure warning system to prevent you from drifting across the road. "Intelligent" high beams automatically switch to low beams when they detect oncoming lights, while radar-based cruise control slows down for traffic.

Lexus didn't have much choice in some regards. When brands like Volvo are using safety tech as their central selling points, charging extra for the same things could leave Lexus at a disadvantage. Not that drivers are likely to complain. Although Lexus isn't really pushing any boundaries, it's helping to raise the baseline for safety in premium cars.

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