GoPro adds Quik video editing features to its main app

The company has taken a huge step to achieving a one-app experience.

GoPro's main application is absorbing major Quik video editing features as part of the company's quest to create a single-app experience. The action camera-maker purchased Quik back in 2016 when it was still known as Replay and offered it as a standalone application. Now, it's rolling out what it says is the first in a series of updates meant to bring all its mobile editing tools in one place.

It looks like most of the app's new features will live inside QuikStory, which GoPro launched as a simple way to create shareable videos from within the main app a couple of years ago. QuikStory's multi-clip workflow can now analyze your videos and identify meaningful moments to suggest for your story compilations. It can choose from any recently-shot GoPro videos, though you can also use any media saved on your phone.

The main app now also allows you to apply various filters within one multi-clip video, so you can put its 20 new filter options to good use. Further, GoPro has removed QuikStory's previous editing limitations. A QuikStory video will now remain in an always-editable format, making it much easier to go in and make changes. In addition to those improvements, GoPro has given its main app a visual refresh with a more modern UI and better navigation.

The company says it's planning to release more features to achieve a one-app experience in the future, including single-clip editing and new themes. You can give all the features that came out with this rollout a try, however, as soon as you update your GoPro app.