Sennheiser will use its audio expertise to create an in-car Ambeo system

Road trips might sound better in future.

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Karma Automotive
Karma Automotive

Good news for automotive audiophiles: popular audio brand Sennheiser is working with luxury automaker Karma Automotive to create an in-car audio system.

Sennheiser will lend its loudspeaker and microphone technology to the project, creating an Ambeo sound system for listening to audio and taking phone calls as you drive.

The brand's Ambeo Soundbar was introduced at CES 2018 and impressed us with its 3D sound virtualization technology. Bringing the same concept to car audio is an unexpected choice but it could improve the experience of listening to music while driving. The technology can take audio from any source, even if it is not specifically 3D audio, and turn it into a customizable immersive 3D playback.

The system uses a multi-channel speaker set-up plus a subwoofer which should create a quality audio experience for passengers as well as the driver. Even the seat headrests have been integrated into the speaker system. And there are two microphone arrays for clear phone conversations.

Curious listeners can hear the system for themselves at a showcase at the Monterey Car Week from August 15th to 18th. There's no word on pricing yet but given that this is Sennheiser, we expect the system won't come cheap.

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