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Is the Dell XPS 13 the best Windows laptop around?

The sleek ultraportable scored big in our review. Tell us how you like yours!

Amber Bouman
Amber Bouman|@dameright|August 15, 2019 10:15 AM

Very little sums up Devindra Hardawar's feelings about the Dell XPS 13 better than the first sentence of his review: It's "pretty much the best Windows ultraportable around, and you should buy it." That's a bold statement. However, the combination of thin bezels, a compact design and speedy performance helped to earn the laptop a phenomenal score of 93. The only drawbacks were the lack of a full-size SD slot and a reliance on integrated (instead of dedicated) graphics.

Although the XPS 13 doesn't currently have any user reviews on our product page, users in the comments appreciated the hardware design, were split on the keyboard and felt disappointed by the 16:9 screen ratio. If you own this ultraportable laptop, head over to our XPS 13 product page, and tell us all the particulars: How do you like the keyboard? Did you find the Dolby Vision HDR screen capable of handling bright and dark scenes alike? Are you relieved the webcam was relocated to the top of the screen? Give us all the important details and your review could be included in an upcoming roundup article!

Note: As usual, comments are off for this post. We'd love to hear your opinions on our Dell XPS 13 product page though!