Instagram is testing new Boomerang modes and Layouts in Stories

For all the influencers out there, notification filters are also on the way.

Your Instagram Stories could soon be flooded by a greater variety of Boomerangs than ever before, according to Jane Manchun Wong. The app researcher found evidence that suggests Instagram is developing five new Boomerang modes. One called "Hold" adds a short pause at the end of each loop. Another,"Dynamic," adds a twitch to loops. Manchun Wong created mock ups of the new modes, which you can view on her blog.

New Boomerang modes aren't the only new functionality Instagram is toying with adding to Stories. There's also evidence Instagram plans to integrate functionality from its standalone Layout app, which allows users to arrange and upload their photos as collages, directly into Stories. In the feature's current iteration, Manchun Wong was able to pull photos from her phone's Camera Roll, as well as take new ones with Instagram's Story Camera and arrange them using six different layout options. Notably, Manchun Wong doesn't mention whether the company plans to integrate Layout directly into its main app. At the moment, Instagram prompts individuals to download the standalone app if they wish to post collages to their Feed.

Instagram is also working on several smaller features, including one that allows users to share post comments with one another. Instagram influencers will also be happy to find out that the company may add notification filters, which should make sorting through likes, comments and new followers easier.

As with all leaks of this type, it's important to keep in mind that Instagram may change or abandon some or all of the features Manchun Wong details in her post. That said, with how integral Stories have become to the Instagram experience, the new Boomerang modes and Layout features seem like good bets.