IFTTT tells Nest users not to move their accounts over to Google

If they want their stuff to keep working, that is.

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George Frey / Reuters
George Frey / Reuters

Back in May Google announced it was phasing out its Works With Nest program in favour of a Works With Google Assistant framework. Unsurprisingly, users that had invested time and money into their smart home systems weren't too impressed by this move, largely because the change stands to impact a number of smart home tie-ins. Or more specifically, it will "break IFTTT," according to Google. But IFTTT has some good news: IFTTT applets designed for the Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect and Nest Cam will continue to work after August 31st, when Google plans on shutting down the Works With Nest Program.

But, there's some bad news. IFTTT's applets won't work at all if users move their Nest accounts to Google accounts. This is fine for now, obviously, but in the future it means users could miss out on new features only available through a Google account. Google has said it's working on a system that will allow IFTTT users to migrate, but whether the company will integrate the comprehensive features that made IFTTT so popular in the first place is another question entirely.

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