Tesla suspension update helps Model S and Model X high-speed driving

It's only for recently built vehicles though.

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Tesla has piloted a unique way of updating its vehicles' software to add new features and safety improvements remotely. It has adjusted Autopilot and introduced tweaks to improve battery life in the past, but now, the company is using the same system to tune the Model S and Model X suspension over the air.

The latest software (2019.28.3.1) makes adjustments to the adaptive suspension system, using "dampening algorithms" to better handle speeds over 160 km/h (100mph), as reported by Electrek.

That means the feature won't be of much use to drivers in the US, who are stuck with a maximum allowed speed of up to 85mph. It will be useful for drivers in countries like Germany, however, where some roads have no speed limits.

The catch is that this software will only be available for Model S and Model X cars which were manufactured in the last few months, due to recent changes in the way the air suspension is built.

The feature can be adjusted by going to Controls > Suspension.

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