Google Photos can now search for text in images

You can even copy-paste text from the photos.

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Mariella Moon
August 23rd, 2019
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Google is making it much easier to look for specific images with text through its Photos app. Over the years, the tech giant released various object recognition features powered by Google Lens for its backup application, so it doesn't end up a photo dump where you can't find anything anymore. Now, the tech giant has started rolling out the ability to search for images in Photos through the text found in them.

We were able to surface screenshots by looking for specific keywords, but it looks like the feature will work even on ordinary pictures. Say, on images of signs or of the pages of a book. Further, you can simply click the Lens button when you find the image you're looking for to be able to copy-paste text from it. And since you can translate the words you highlight from within the app itself, we'll bet the feature could be useful for research or for figuring out what signs and food packages are saying when you're traveling in other countries.

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