Android 10 may reach Pixel phones on September 3rd

You might not have to wait long to try Google's latest software.

It's been months since Google started testing Android Q (now Android 10), so where's the finished version? If you believe Canadian carriers, it's right around the corner. Both Rogers (since pulled) and Telus have posted support documents indicating that all Pixel phones will receive Android 10 starting on September 3rd, ranging from the originals through to the Pixel 3a line. We'd treat these dates with skepticism, but they line up with Google's recent history of releasing finished Android versions in late summer for the Pixel line and other devices with virtually stock software.

It's not known if third-party phones will make the leap to Android 10 that quickly, although it's not likely. Outside of brands like Essential, you'll typically have to wait weeks or months for new revisions to reach your device. Betas have been available on phones from the likes of Huawei, LG, Nokia and OnePlus -- we'd expect them to deliver Android 10 sooner than most, just not right away.

You'll at least know what to anticipate from the software itself. The highlights are a system-level Dark Mode and revamped gesture navigation, not to mention chat bubbles, accessibility features like Live Captions and perks like Focus Mode and background security updates. Android 10 isn't a dramatic revision, despite the name, but it should offer tangible improvements.