Facebook will shut down Group Stories on September 26th

They've only been available for about nine months.

If you didn't find yourself using Facebook's Group Stories, you're not the only one. The social network has confirmed a report from commentator Matt Navarra that it's shutting down Group Stories on September 26th at 12PM Eastern. After that, Facebook will both delete any existing Stories and prevent users from creating new ones. Individual Stories will remain intact, of course.

The company was oblique in explaining the decision. In a statement to CNET, Facebook said it wanted to ensure that group features let people "connect in fun and useful ways," and that it was "always looking" for ways to improve community experiences.

It's not clear just how Group Stories was before word of the shutdown. However, Facebook is closing it down roughly nine months after its debut -- that suggests there weren't many using it. That wouldn't be completely surprising when Stories tend to be personal affairs, but it does give Groups one less option for expressing themselves.