Stories come to all Facebook Groups

Group members can add content and react to Stories.

Facebook announced today that it is bringing Stories to all Groups. The feature allows members of Groups on the platform to contribute to a collaborative story and react to content from other members. Group Stories were first introduced on Facebook in a limited capacity last year.

Group Stories will appear at the top of a Group's page. Members will be able to view it by clicking on the Story or add to it by clicking on the "add" button next to it. Adding to the Group Story works basically the same way as adding to your own. You can take a photo or select one from your camera roll, spice it up with effects, stickers or drawing tools and add it for the Group's viewing pleasure.

Seeing as opening up the platform for anyone to contribute to, even in a small group, can lead to potential abuse or inappropriate use, Facebook has also provided Group moderators with tools to control Story content from Group members. Moderators can approve a post before allowing it in a Story, mute members and only allow administrators to add to Group Stories.

Group Stories will be available to Facebook users through both the desktop version of the site and the mobile apps for iOS and Android. According to Facebook, Stories on its flagship platform and in Messenger are used by about 300 million per day, so don't expect to see Stories disappear any time soon.