Sony is launching an AR 'Ghostbusters' experience in Japan

Sorry, tourists -- the experience will be conducted entirely in Japanese.

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Sony is testing a fun new augmented reality experience in Japan to commemorate Ghostbusters' 35th anniversary. Starting on October 12th, the company will give fans the chance to become Ghostbusters at the Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo. Trainers will lead a pack of participants, wearing what the tech giant says is a prototype AR headset, around the park to exterminate ghosts that appear throughout the venue.

Sony will host two to four sessions per day from October 12th to December 8th. The experience is free, which is why the company is expecting a lot of interest and is leaving potential participants' fate to chance. Those interested will have to sign up and hope that their names get picked, but it's worth noting that the experience will be conducted entirely in Japanese. The tech giant called the event a "demo debut" of a new attraction, though, so who knows -- if we're lucky, it may stage a similar experience in other countries.

Check out the event's teaser below:

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