Spotify's new scripted fiction podcast stars Pedro Pascal and Carrie Coon

It follows a single mom who starts phishing over the phone as part of an identity theft ring.

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Gimlet Media
Gimlet Media

Spotify-owned Gimlet just launched a new scripted fiction podcast, Motherhacker. The series explores "the dark side of the web," and it marks another attempt by Gimlet and Spotify to popularize fiction podcasts.

The series features big names, including Alan Cumming (The Good Wife), Carrie Coon (Fargo, Gone Girl), Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones), Lucas Hedges (Manchester By The Sea), Tavi Gevinson (Rookie Magazine founder) and more. It also has an original score by the indie-rock band Warpaint. The plot follows a single mother who starts phishing over the phone as part of an identity theft ring.

Scripted fiction podcasts haven't made it to the mainstream yet, but there have been some breakout successes -- Welcome to Night Vale and Limetown. Spotify is clearly trying to make the model work and betting that its star-studded cast will help. All Motherhacker episodes are available today on Spotify.

Update 11/14/19 10AM ET: This story was updated to clarify that this is not the first fiction podcast by Gimlet or Spotify.

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