Bird's first non-electric scooter is made for kids

Say hello to the Birdie.

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Nick Summers
November 20, 2019 8:19 AM
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Bird is making a traditional kick-powered scooter for kids. The California-based startup, which has flooded countless cities with dockless electric scooters, will sell its child-friendly Birdie for $129 throughout the holiday season. The vehicle comes in three colors -- Jet Black, Dove White and Electric Rose -- and has all of the basic features you would expect from a three-wheeled scooter, such as height-adjustable handlebars, a lean-to-steer frame and rear-mounted "stomp brake." The company has warned that only "a limited number" are being made, so act fast if you fancy one.

So why is Bird making this? The company has no plans, it seems, to add the Birdie to its electric scooter and cruiser bike fleets. In a press release, the startup said it was simply made "in response to a demand for a non-electric scooter designed for kids." Birdies could increase the company's festive-period revenue and reinforce the brand with a demographic that will -- should the dockless scooter phenomenon survive long enough -- eventually be able to download the app and spend their own money on motorized rides. It's the same reason why countless car manufacturers, including Tesla, have made kid-sized versions of their most iconic vehicles.

Travis VanderZanden, CEO of Bird said: "Birdies are a fun way to give a nod to the founding of Bird and to give families the opportunity to ride together." It's a nice idea, though I can't imagine a child -- especially one riding a push-powered Birdie -- keeping up with a parent's electric scooter.

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