ASUS' 27-inch, 165Hz gaming monitor is $150 cheaper for Black Friday

You can also score a 144Hz monitor for $200.

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Now might be a good time to upgrade your gaming PC's display if your current model is feeling old in the tooth. Two of ASUS' gaming monitors are on sale from now until December 30th at 3:05AM Eastern, and both of them pack features you might appreciate. The ROG Swift PG279QZ has dropped to $450 from its usual $599, making it a considerably sweeter deal. The 27-inch, 1440p screen packs a 165Hz refresh rate (with NVIDIA G Sync support) as well as an IPS panel, giving you very smooth gaming and IPS' vivid colors. There's also eye fatigue reduction for those marathon Modern Warfare sessions.

Don't worry if that's overkill for your needs. ASUS' VG278Q is also going on sale, dipping to $200 from the usual $279. The 27-inch screen tops out at a 1080p resolution, 144Hz and a not-so-vibrant TN panel, but that combination also gives you a 1ms gray-to-gray pixel response time. If that kind of responsiveness is more important than color accuracy or dots per inch, this might be your preferred monitor. The VG278Q also includes AMD FreeSync support in addition to G Sync and eye fatigue reduction, so you're not compromising in those areas. This might be a good match if you have a mid-range PC that's going to run games at 1080p as a matter of course.

Buy ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ on Amazon - $450

Buy ASUS VG278Q on Amazon - $200

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