Jaguar's I-Pace software update boosts the range by 12 miles

Your luxury EV has learned something from its time on the track.

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Roberto Baldwin/Engadget
Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

Car makers frequently make vague claims that their racing technology leads to improvements in road-going vehicles, but this is one of those precious few moments where the gains are very tangible. Jaguar is delivering an update to its I-Pace EV that promises up to 12 miles of extra range thanks partly to know-how gleaned from the eTrophy race series. The automaker has boosted the efficiency of the car's AWD torque distribution, reduced use of the radiator vanes that keep it cool (improving aerodynamics) and allowed the battery to run to a lower state of charge without compromising performance or durability.

Other tweaks simply come from real-life driving data. The regenerative braking system is more effective at recovering energy at both low speeds and high battery levels, while range predictions should be more accurate and indicative of your driving style.

Unfortunately, the update process isn't as slick as it is with EV-focused brands like Tesla. You'll have to visit a Jaguar dealership to get this upgrade. Take heart, though: the same update also allows for more components to receive over-the-air updates, potentially sparing you some repeat visits in the future.

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