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Comixology adds DC Comics to its unlimited plan

DC titles will also be available on Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading.

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DC Comics/Comixology

Comixology added Marvel to its $6-per-month Unlimited plan in 2017, but DC has so far been absent from its all-you-can-read subscription. That's about to change, io9 reports, as DC Comics will now be available on the service. Thousands of comics from DC and Vertigo, including single issues, full collections and graphic novels, will soon be accessible on the Unlimited plan as well as through Kindle Unlimited. Curated collections of DC and Vertigo graphic novels will also hit Prime Reading on a rotating basis.

Comixology's Unlimited plan was already a pretty attractive deal, and with DC's catalogue now on board, it's even more enticing. Among the DC titles available through Comixology's plan are single issues, trades and graphic novels from Aquaman, various Batman series, Harley Quinn, Teen Titans and Wonder Woman. From DC's Vertigo imprint there's also selections from Ex-Machina, Hellblazer, Watchmen and others. You can check out a more complete list over at DC Comics.

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