Comixology adds Marvel to its all-you-can-read service

The deal also puts Spider-Man on your Kindle.

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Digital comic retailer ComiXology offers an all-you-can-read service for $6, which nets you stacks and stacks of virtual graphic reading from Image, Dark Horse and IDW. The big two — Marvel and DC — have been notably missing from the Netflix-style app for a while now, as both offer their own digital systems. Today, however, Amazon-owned ComiXology announced that it had finally harpooned one of the big white whales, adding select Marvel titles to its library. You'll also be able to grab several Marvel collected editions via Amazon's Prime Reading service and Kindle Unlimited.

ComiXology's Unlmited service, first revealed last year, serves as a sort of loss leader for the company, getting users hooked on single issue or compilations of popular storylines to promote sales of comic books. Adding Marvel to the mix just raises the profile of the service and could lure in more paying customers in the long run.

The Marvel titles available in ComiXology's Unlimited service include the popular Civil War series, various Spider-Man books, several volumes of Guardians of the Galaxy (including three issues of the new Gamora series) and a few Star Wars comics thrown in for sci-fi fans. The Amazon Prime Reading service will also get several superhero books like She-Hulk and Iron Fist, along with the new Star Wars: Darth Maul series and some Deadpool collections. The full list is available over at

While you won't get the full Marvel catalog of back issues (that's reserved for the comic publisher's own Unlimited service), this is a nice sampling of some of the most popular titles you can get right in your ComiXology or Kindle apps. If you're looking to binge your way through some comic books, Marvel-branded included, this could be the deal for you. Now if we could only talk DC into it.

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