Cruise through your Kindle comics with ComiXology's Guided View

Reading your manga and graphic novels is now a lot easier.

BraunS via Getty Images

ComiXology's Guided View is a great way to experience digital comics. Designed for mobile devices, it allows readers to view things on a panel-by-panel basis, mimicking how you read a print comic. Now, that feature is available on Amazon's Kindle app for iOS.

When Amazon bought ComiXology in 2014, it gave people the option to merge their accounts and move their Kindle purchases to the popular comic app. But, today's update effectively eliminates all that, letting you buy and view comics within a single app.

Additionally, the patch adds a read-it-later feature similar to Pocket and Instapaper. Kindle users can now add documents and web pages to their library through the Share button. The web pages are converted to the Kindle format, so you can adjust the text, font and page color. Previously, saving a document to Kindle was a convoluted process involving multiple email addresses, browser extensions, and occasional animal sacrifice to the e-reader gods.