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Samsung's rumored Galaxy Sport watch might ditch the rotating bezel

The Gear Sport sequel might trade familiar controls for size and looks.

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Samsung isn't done refreshing its smartwatches just because the Galaxy Watch is on shelves, although its next update might be contentious. A 91mobiles source claims to have an image of the Galaxy Sport (just a tentative name), and its most telling change is what isn't there -- namely, the rotating bezel you've seen on Samsung wristwear for years. It's not clear how you'd control the watch beyond the touchscreen and the usual buttons, although this doesn't rule out a tweaked on-screen interface or capacitive touch on the case.

If the rendered image is accurate, you will get a slicker device in return for the change in control scheme. The watch would be sleeker and posher-looking (though still very much a fitness watch), with a brushed-metal finish and a matching silicone strap. It's likely to have familiar innards, including GPS, a heart rate sensor and NFC for Samsung Pay.

You might not have to wait long to see the Galaxy Sport. The FCC and other regulators have already cleared the device, and Samsung is poised to hold its first Unpacked event of the year on February 20th. There's a real possibility you can pick up this fitness watch alongside a Galaxy S10 as winter comes to a close.

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