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‘Avo’ for iOS shows even sentient stone fruits can be heroes

Playdeo's 'television you can touch' game arrives this Thursday.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
02.26.19 in AV

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Developer Playdeo is about to release its first mobile game, and the protagonist it cooked up sure is adorable. In Avo, you'll take control of an avocado, drawing paths for the cute fruit to take while helping him avoid some unfriendly-looking drones with the help of his human friend, Billie. Most importantly, it seems you can make Avo dance.

Playdeo says it's making "television you can touch" and its game plays out across seven live-action episodes, which seem to blend gameplay with video footage. Avo takes place in "a world where fruit can be heroes," and is apparently an "adventure across time and space." It's an iPhone exclusive, according to Pocket Lint, and there's some weighty mobile gaming pedigree here -- Monument Valley 2's lead designer is part of the Playdeo team. We'll get to spend time with the adorable avocado ourselves after Avo arrives this Thursday.

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