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White House launches site to highlight AI initiatives includes efforts from years past.

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lucky-photographer via Getty Images

Now that the US government has been ordered to prioritize AI, it's launching a website to promote its AI efforts. The newly available showcases a number of initiatives over the years, including Obama-era moves like the strategic AI research plan as well as Trump-era initiatives like DARPA's quest to solve challenges through AI Next. To no one's surprise, the executive order plays a prominent role throughout -- this is ultimately an offshoot of the White House's site rather than a separate government entity.

While this is undoubtedly a hard sell, it's also a reflection of how important AI has become , whether or not the work comes from the government. It's considered a competitive edge and might just play a crucial role in national defense. Whether or not those are true, the US clearly wants to be seen leading the way instead of ceding ground to political rivals like China.

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