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'FIFA 19' eChampions League group stages are underway

Watch 64 footie players duke it out to reach the final.

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EA Sports

The inaugural FIFA 19 UEFA eChampions League just got serious. After weeks of online knockout play, the in-person Group Stages are underway at Manchester's Victoria Warehouse. The more definitive phase has 64 pro FIFA 19 PS4 players challenging each other between April 26th and April 27th to become one of just eight people who'll reach the league final in Madrid on May 31st.

These decisive stages will include a few very high-profile players who are likely to make it to the final, including F2Tekkz, Maestro, MsDossary and Nicolas99FC.

The eChampions League doesn't have as high stakes as some tourneys, with a grand prize of $100,000 awaiting the best virtual footballer. However, it's really a litmus test for the demand for officially sanctioned esports tourneys like this. If the league proves a hit, you might see it grow in scope going forward.

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