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John Romero's unofficial 'Doom' expansion is available now

'Sigil' is the closest you'll get to a sequel from the original team.

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Romero Games

If you'd like your Doom sequels more traditional than Doom Eternal, your fix is at hand. Series co-creator John Romero has released his unofficial (and significantly delayed) fifth episode for the original game, Sigil. The pack includes nine single-player and nine deathmatch maps that carry the spirit of the original game while taking advantage of Romero's 25 years of experience since the core Doom (which is required here) first reached gamers.

The basic Sigil add-on is free beyond the price of the game itself. If you want a soundtrack from metal guitarist Buckethead, though, you'll need to pay €6.66 (about $7.46). The limited-edition physical copies have long since sold out, unfortunately -- if you want something tangible, you'll have to make do with a t-shirt. If you can live with that, though, this is about as close as you'll get to a third Doom game using the original engine.

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