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The Morning After: Aircraft lands itself for the first time

Flying without humans.

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Andreas Dekiert / C2Land

Welcome back to the Morning After. Over the weekend, our team tried out AMD's latest Radeon GPUs, Google tested out a global video play/pause button for Chrome and an airplane managed to land all by itself.

No airport assistance required.
Aircraft lands itself truly autonomously for the first time

Researchers at Technische Universität München have successfully tested a system that uses a combination of computer vision and GPS to have the aircraft land itself. The technology uses GPS to navigate but combines that with visible light and infrared cameras to spot the runway and obtain an accurate sense of its position, even when fog or rain hurts visibility. From there, the aircraft can calculate a glide path and touch down all on its own. Yes, many airliners can land automatically, but they don't really land autonomously -- the airport guides them in with a radio signal. This could help create true end-to-end autonomous flights in the future.

Sony added everything we'd want in truly wireless earbuds.

Sony's revamped wireless noise-canceling earbuds are a revelation

The WF-1000XM3 ($230) match Sony's premium noise-canceling tech with truly wireless earbuds. A new digital audio converter (DAC) and amplifier delivers 24-bit audio -- or at least, as close to that resolution as Bluetooth can provide. And the new hardware also gives both earbuds the ability to connect directly to your device. After our early testing, these could well be your next pair of truly wireless earbuds.

They're a solid pair of mid-range GPUs.
Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT review: AMD brings the fight back to NVIDIA

AMD's Radeon 5700XT is an ideal mid-range GPU. It'll get you beyond 100FPS in most modern titles, which is perfect for 144Hz displays. You might even be able to squeeze some decent 4K performance out of it. Devindra Hardawar tests out the new cards.

The best things in life might be free.
The best free-to-play games

Capping off our week of refreshed games guides, we've got all the best free-to-play games. No in-app payments needed.

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