Dell debuts an AMD Ryzen version of its G5 gaming laptop

You'll also get Radeon graphics at a relatively low price.

Dell is expanding its G5 gaming laptop line with an unusual addition: AMD hardware under the hood. Its new G5 15 Special Edition will run on AMD's new "Renoir-H" Ryzen laptop processors and Radeon RX 5600M graphics, giving you solid mid-tier performance if you don't care much for the Intel/NVIDIA combos that often dictate gaming portables. Not surprisingly, there's an option for a FreeSync-compatible 144Hz display to help deliver tear-free visuals.

The PC maker hasn't provided detailed specs for the AMD-based G5 as we write this, but you can expect up to a 1TB M.2 solid-state primary drive with a 2TB 5,400RPM secondary hard drive. You can also outfit the machine with a WASD-four-zone RGB backlit keyboard.

You'll have to wait until April to buy one of these configurations. It'll start at a fairly reasonable $799, though. While it's not going to play the latest games at full speed with every detail maxed out, it won't have to at that price.