Facebook revamps Privacy Checkup with more granular account controls

It now has an easier-to-use interface, as well.

Facebook has given Privacy Checkup a fresh coat of paint and an overall upgrade, which makes it more helpful when it comes to keeping your account secure. When you access the feature -- simply search for "Privacy Checkup" on the platform to do so -- you'll now see four distinct topics to choose from. "Who Can See What You Share" walks you through your settings, so you can indicate who can see your posts and each piece of information you have on your profile. The feature now also includes quick ways to change your password and to switch on login alerts.

Another topic walks you through the ways people can find you on Facebook: In particular, it makes it easier to limit who can send you friend requests and who can look you up using your phone number or email. If you don't mind anybody looking you up, just set those to "Everyone." Otherwise, you can choose to give "Friends of Friends" the ability to look you up and add you. The fourth and last topic in the upgraded feature shows you the apps and websites you've recently accessed where you use Facebook as a login. You can revoke those those third-party services' access to your account straight from the interface.

To note, you can see and tweak all the options available in Privacy Checkup through your settings page. The feature, which is making its way to users around the world today, simply makes it easier to get to them when you need to or when you want to double check your account's privacy and security.