​Facebook wants you to double check your privacy settings, again

Like it or not, your Facebook profile is one of the first places potential employers go to figure out if you're a suitable candidate -- meaning that your account's privacy settings can potentially make or break or future. Facebook has been trying to get users to double check their sharing settings for awhile, but now it's planning to just get up in your face and demand you review them. In the coming days, a "Privacy Checkup" notification will prompt users to review their sharing, app and profile settings with a short, simple checklist.

The feature was actually announced a few months ago, but hasn't seen public rollout until now. The checklist, hosted by a cute blue dinosaur mascot, runs down a simple list of basics: who you share your posts with, what apps have permission to post on your behalf and who can see your profile data. Of the three, the middle option is probably the most useful - how many apps have you authorized to use Facebook and then simply forgotten about? In any case, the prompt should be rolling out over the next few days. Check out Facebook's official announcement at the source link below for more detail.