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Philips adds more garden lights to its Hue lineup

Light up your pathway with some cool pedestal lights.

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There's a bunch of new goodies for anyone looking to clad the outside of their home in Philips' Hue lights, so get excited. Unless, of course, you happened to spot these new entries when they were leaked last month, in which case you've been excited for the better part of a month already.

There are three new families of products going on sale starting in mid-March, beginning with a new wall-mounted Appear, priced at $140. Sitting alongside that is the new Lily XL spotlight, also $140, which is larger than the existing Lily spots you can currently place in your garden. The XL spots are around five inches wider than their predecessors, and offers almost twice the intensity, at around 1,200 lumens.

Rounding out the collection is a new set of Hue Econic lights (pictured), including low-voltage pedestal lights to add some glow to your pathway at night. It's not clear if you get more than one pedestal in the $130 set, but clearly you'll need to spend some cash if your home is set back from the road.

Naturally, the big perk with the Lily XL and Econic is the fact that they use low-voltage power, and should be easy to set up without the need of an electrician. That's why Philips is also rolling out a new external power supply unit and 2.5-meter long extension cables to help you wire in your new garden lights.

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