Philips seems to be working on more Hue outdoor lights

A leaked catalog shows new and updated models.

The Philips Hue smart lightbulb lineup already includes some outdoor lighting, but rumor has it that Philips will introduce more outdoor options, likely at CES. According to a leaked product catalog, found by, Philips Hue is planning a pretty big expansion of its offerings.

New to the collection are the Philips Hue Nyro, an angular light available as a path lamp or wall lamp; the Hue Resonate, a box that will cast light up and down the wall; and the Philips Hue Appear, a tubular version of the Resonate. Other new wall lights will include the circular Daylo and Attract, which has a transparent lampshade. All of the new designs are color and ambiance models.

Philips Hue is updating its Lily garden spotlight, which will now also come in a larger size. The Lily XL is roughly five inches wider and has 1,200 lumens -- almost double the 640 lumens of the original Hue Lily. There's also a new Impress outdoor wall light.

According to, the catalog references "Spring 2020," but it's not specific about a launch date or pricing. Hopefully, we'll learn more at CES.