Philips Hue lights will sync with music and games on your PC

It's also preparing a line of outdoor lights.

Philips' team-up with Razer is just the start of Hue-to-PC syncing. The lighting behemoth is preparing to launch a Hue Sync app that will let you sync games, movies and music on any Windows 10 PC or High Sierra-equipped Mac. While the exact functionality is under wraps, it's easy to imagine turning the room blood red when you play death metal, or dimming the lights when you settle in for a Netflix marathon.

The app is due sometime in the second quarter of the year and will launch alongside a version 3.0 Hue app for Android and iOS. The mobile overhaul promises to simplify light groups, offer quick access to recently used scenes and provide "seamless setup." If you dislike the existing Hue app enough that you stick to the third-party options (such as the Apple and Google Home apps), it might be worth a revisit in the spring.

To top things off, there's new hardware on the way... eventually. Philips has teased the launch of outdoor Hue lights (shown above) in the summer. There are virtually no details, but the company suggests they'll be helpful for "peace of mind" by turning on when you arrive home, or deterring burglars when you leave. And of course, they can set the mood -- we could easily see these being used for a creepy Halloween or a supplement to Christmas lights. Just don't be surprised if they're expensive, since they'll have to both cover a large area and survive the elements.

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