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Razer gaming devices now sync with your Hue lights

You're probably going to see a lot of green.

If you own enough Razer gear, you're probably used to a light show. But wouldn't it be nice if that show extended to your entire room? It will very shortly. Razer and Philips have formed a partnership that will let you sync any Chroma-equipped Razer device (including laptops and peripherals) with Hue lights. If a game supports it, you can change the lighting color of your whole environment in tune with gameplay. Your room may turn blood red during a battle scene, or go an appropriately Razer-themed green when you're in a forest.

Outside of games, you can still use the syncing option to set the mood.

The update will go live sometime in the afternoon Pacific Time on January 9th, when Razer posts an update to its Synapse 3 software. You'll need a Hue V2 bridge, color Hue lights and the latest Hue mobile app to make everything work. When you're ready, titles like Overwatch, Quake Champions and a range of "other popular games" will support the feature. This could easily prove to be a novelty, but consider this: if you're deep into the Razer ecosystem and were thinking of getting smart lights, you now have an added incentive to make that upgrade.