Razer makes its Blackwidow keyboard quieter, more comfortable

Silent mechanical switches promise to make Razer's latest keyboard less noisy.

Fans of mechanical keyboards love them for their tactile, springy and accurate keys -- but not everybody loves how loud they can be. If you're looking for a clicky feeling without an audible click, Razer wants your attention. Today the company announced a new, quieter Razer Blackwidow mechanical keyboard. At a glance, it's basically the same layout as the company's previous Blackwidow gaming keyboard, but with two key differences: a detachable magnetic wrist rest, and a new 'silent' mechanical key switch.

Razer says the new keyswitches were built specifically with FPS and MOBA players in mind, featuring silent actuation and a shorter travel distance, allowing players to input more keystrokes per minute without adding a background noise of key-clacking to their game. The keyboard's palm rest doesn't look too special as far as typing cushions go, but its magnetic attachments should make it easy to secure and remove at a moment's notice. The new $170 Blackwidow supports the Chroma lighting system, too -- just in case you wanted to backlight each individual key in a different color.