Razer's new keyboard turns your iPad Pro into a pseudo-laptop

Because holding a giant tablet for hours at a time is tiring.

If you weren't fully onboard with the iPad Pro's stock cover/smart keyboard, Razer announced its mechanical alternative on Thursday. It uses Razer's new "Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical Switches" that provide the same acuity and responsiveness that made the company's line of full size mechanicals so popular, just in a smaller form factor.

Each key requires just 70 grams of force to activate and is covered in a chicklet-style key cap. And if they're anything like their larger versions, these keys should hold up for around 80 million clicks. While the Razer product does offer a detachable polycarbonate cover, it appears that the Razer keyboard case -- which pairs to the iPad Pro via Bluetooth -- does not recharge the tablet while in use, as Apple's proprietary Smart Connector does.

The keyboard is now available in both Razer's digital storefront and brick-and-mortar locations. It retails for $170.