Thermaltake's latest gaming headset works with Alexa and Razer Chroma

You can even make your headset match the weather.

Thermaltake just introduced a gaming headset that's as much about showing off as it chatting with your gaming buddies. The Riing Pro RGB 7.1 steps up the competition against rival headsets with two-zone lighting you can control with both Alexa and Razer's Chroma system. You'll need a separate Alexa-ready device or Razer's Synapse software to make those respective features work, but this lets you color-coordinate without having to delve into settings between matches. You can even have Alexa match the headset color with the local weather conditions, in case you'd like your headset to be as blue as the sky.

And yes, it's supposed to perform well as a headset. Thermaltake touts "oversized" 50mm drivers, a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range and the combination of an ESS ES9018 DAC and a SABRE9601K amplifier that reportedly help drive 24-bit/96kHz playback with a wide dynamic range and minimal distortion.

There's no mention of how much the Riing Pro RGB 7.1 will cost, but it's expected to ship in the first quarter of the year. That price might be the deciding factor. There are a number of RGB headsets at competitive prices (such as Corsair's $100 Void RGB Elite Wireless and Razer's $130 Kraken Ultimate), and Thermaltake may have to offer comparable value as a result.