Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra might have more RAM than your PC

Did we mention the 108MP and 48MP cameras?

Rumors for the Galaxy S20 have mentioned a no-holds-barred Ultra model, but just what would that entail? Quite a lot, if you believe the rumors. XDA's Max Weinbach (who shared the leaked photos of the S20+ 5G) claims the Ultra 5G will have extreme specs, including as much as 16GB of RAM in its top spec -- yes, there's a real chance this phone will have more RAM than many computers released in the past few years. It's undoubtedly overkill for most people, but could be helpful if you can't stand the thought of background apps closing.

The camera setup might be just as ridiculous. Samsung's vaunted 108-megapixel camera would be the centerpiece, but also just he start. You'd also get a 48MP secondary camera with 10X optical zoom and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide cam. While you probably wouldn't shoot at full resolution with those first two cameras (their pixels are likely to be combined for the sake of low-light shots), image detail might be a non-issue in the right circumstances.

You could also expect up to 512GB of built-in storage, plus more thanks to a microSD slot.

Provided the Ultra leaks are accurate, you'll hear more about the phone at Samsung's Unpacked event on February 11th. Just prepare your wallet for impact. Samsung appears to be positioning the Ultra as a step up from the already high pricing for the S10+, and that could limit it to enthusiasts who are willing to pay whatever it takes to have the most powerful phone on the block.