Samsung will unveil its latest Galaxy phones on February 11th

Who knows? Maybe we'll see Samsung's second foldable, too.

In case you've been losing sleep over whether that leaked Samsung invite video was real, fret no more. Samsung itself confirmed this evening that it plans to show off "new, innovative devices that will shape the next decade of mobile experiences" at a Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco on February 11th.

Samsung is obviously talking about the Galaxy S11 series (or Galaxy S20 series, depending on who you ask), but the language Samsung used in its newsroom post seems to suggest we'll see more than just the usual flagship smartphones in California next month. Could that mean Samsung will offer us a first glimpse at its new, Razr-esque foldable phone? Very possibly: Some have speculated that the squarish box replacing the second "A" in the image above represents that very device when it's closed. And if nothing else, such a reveal would give the Korean company a big wave of hype it can then ride into Mobile World Congress just weeks later.

Of course, when you consider just how much trouble the original Galaxy Fold gave Samsung, no one could blame the company for taking a little more time to perfect its approach this time. That might be especially true this time since the second-generation Galaxy Fold is said to use a durable -- yet flexible -- glass screen. Still, it's possible the announcement's nod to innovation could just be referring to some of the features found in the S11/S20, like an incredibly potent camera or, well, whatever Neon turns out to be. The questions vastly outnumber the answers for now, but at least we now know when Samsung will finally stop being so coy.

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